Training Update - Why do we need EUPAs?

"EUPA" stands for "End User Proficiency Assessment". The acronym can intimidate, dredging up old examination anxieties.

A EUPA is not an exam. There is no need for anxiety.

When learning the Connect Care clinical information system (CIS), we join a community of users. We depend upon one another. It makes a big difference to our work day if colleagues understand basic CIS concepts and master a few simple skills.

Before gaining access to the CIS, all physicians must complete a short competency assessment. This is done after basic (in-person) training. It is not difficult.

There are no honours or awards for good scores. Rather the EUPA screens for serious gaps in training... making sure that the user has not missed something fundamental. There is no punishment. Rather, help is offered to quickly remedy the gap and the user is able to repeat the assessment. Some physicians struggle with information technology and deserve extra help. The assessment allows resources to be allocated most effectively.

Physicians face many demands and Connect Care training can seem an onerous added demand. Of course it would be tempting to take shortcuts, such as sharing assessment tips with colleagues impatient to get back to other tasks. But this puts the rushed colleague at serious disadvantage when Connect Care launches. Please avoid the temptation.

Anyone who completes basic training will learn what's needed to be safe and collegial in the Connect Care community. The EUPA will be easy. No worry!