COVID-19 and Connect Care #17 - Connect Care COVID-19 Reports

We've previously posted about excellent provincial COVID-19 reports maintained by AHS Data & Analytics as Tableau visualizations, and about how those can be accessed through links in the Connect Care Physician Manual and, within Connect Care, Learning Home Dashboards. The Tableau visualizations combine data abstracted from the CIS and and data from other AHS sources.

Connect Care users can also access a wide range of relevant reports internal to the Connect Care CIS. These include a "Connect Care COVID-19 Pulse" dashboard (open Dashboards activity) and a number of other operational reports and dashboards (visualizations).

After opening the Dashboard activity, conduct a "Catalogue" search for all reports, components and dashboards containing the keyword "COVID". Not all reports are open to all users. Those who currently work where Connect Care is the record of care will value details about bed and ventilator capacity, hospitalization and ICU rates, test positive and pending trends, etc., etc.
  • From Connect Care Hyperspace: go to the Dashboards activity within Connect Care landing page and select the drop-down menu just to the right of the title of the dashboard that appears by default. This gives access to a search interface. Search for all items matching "COVID".

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