COVID-19 and Connect Care #16 - Provincial COVID Reports

The AHS Data & Analytics team has produced a number of excellent interactive reports. These explore Alberta Health Service's (AHS) emerging experience with the COVID-19 pandemic and provide valuable information about case, hospitalization and critical care loads provincially.

The associated "Tableau" dashboards can be accessed from within the AHS intranet or with use of an AHS security FOB from outside AHS locations. Key dashboards are available to all AHS clinicians. Some require special permissions.

We list provincial COVID-19 report access points in the Connect Care Physician Manual, which appears on all Connect Care learning home dashboards for physicians. At this point, two simple ways to track this work:
  • From the Manual: Follow Report links listed in the COVID-19 sections in the Home area of the Manual.
  • From Connect Care: go to your specialty's learning home dashboard (Dashboards activity within Connect Care landing page), look for a group of COVID-19 links at the top left, open the Manual, then the COVID-19 Content section and then click on one of the listed Reports links.

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