Virtual Collaboration and Care - By the Numbers

We've previously posted about supports for virtual collaboration and care, rapidly expanded to address COVID-19 needs.

Uptake has been impressive, suggesting that self-registration for basic AHS Zoom access has worked well. Scalable processes for allocating advanced accounts are firming up. And deep integration with the Connect Care clinical information system will be available soon.

As of early April, 2020:
  • ~8700 registered  basic users
  • ~830 registered advanced users
  • > 9,000 virtual meetings or visits
  • >1,007,400 meeting/visit minutes
  • > 38,000 meeting participants
  • ~40 full webinars
In addition, associated webinar technologies have assured our Connect Care training programs continued maximal productivity as new groups of clinicians are prepared to work where Connect Care is the record of care.

Congratulations to AHS communications and virtual health teams for being so nimble and responsive to rapidly changing needs!

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