What is Connect Care Clinical System Design?

Clinical System Design (CSD) is the process for planning, selecting, designing and building clinical content in the Connect Care clinical information system (CIS) to support patient care. It is one of the major activities taking place during the design phase of the Connect Care initiative, together with Groundwork, Direction-Setting, Adoption and Validation. Clinical content refers to the documentation, decision and inquiry support tools that are built into the CIS to support best possible practice.

Clinical documentation includes things like templates, flowsheets, forms and questionnaires.
Clinical decision support tools are of five types: references, reminders, alerts, assists and guides. Assists include calculators, decision rules and order sets. Guides include pathways, plans of care and guides to best practice.
Clinical inquiry support tools include chronic disease registries, key performance indicators, and in-system analytics that help users answer questions about personal or system performance.