Building the Connect Care CIS

Connect Care 2018 builds the clinical information system (CIS) that will be tested in 2019 and deployed in 2020 through 2022. During the critically important design period, Alberta Health Services (AHS) configures a foundation build and continually improves it to become the technology platform for clinical transformation.  Complementary activities inform the build:
  • Groundwork is about discovery. Epic and Alberta Health Services (AHS) exchange information about how teams deliver care across Alberta.
  • Direction Setting is about workflow, or how AHS does what it does. This includes how patients move from service to service, how practitioner roles interact, and how processes need to adapt in specific settings.
  • Clinical System Design is about populating the CIS with documentation, decision support, order entry and improvement support tools to ease best practices.
  • Validation is about getting it right. Subject matter experts review how the CIS takes shape to ensure that information flows support workflows.
For more information about how these activities are timed and relate to one another: