Connect Care Direction Setting 1 Finishes Well!

The first of three direction setting conferences concluded today, with excellent results and feedback.

A warm thank you to all participants for taking time in from busy schedules to attend and contribute. It can be exceptionally difficult to protect so much time on such short notice. Some will have begged colleagues to cross-cover: please extend our thanks to them. Others will have had the inconvenience of changed clinic, attending or procedure arrangements. Again, extended thanks.

Having so many clinicians active in early Connect Care build activities has been invaluable. Trust that “parking lot” content will find its way to Connect Care Committees, Councils, Workgroups and future direction-setting, validation and clinical system design sessions. Please reach with questions or recommendations.

AHS is most grateful for all the interest in and support for this transformative project. Reposted here is our CEO's Vlog marking the launch of Connect Care build.