All User Bulletin - Patient Portal Access Update #2

All-user-bulletins highlight considerations that all prescribers need to be aware of when using the Connect Care clinical information system.

Patient Portals Access Workaround for MyAHS Connect

We previously reported access problems affecting the MyAHS Connect (MAC) patient portal. Due to the long queue lines experienced by many Albertans trying to log in to the Alberta Health MyHealth Records (MHR) patient portal, which uses the same authentication portal as MAC, patients faced delays or, in some cases, were not able to log in to MAC. 

A new Internet link has been created that allows current users to directly access MAC, avoiding the current queue process. Prescribers can now advise their patients to log in to MAC using one of the following options:

  • Try the MyChart app (the mobile version of MAC).
  • Use a browser to access MAC directly via this Internet link ahs.ca/mac (suggest that this be saved to their browser "favourites" for future use). 

Note that patients looking to access MHR immunization records will still need to go through the MHR queue process. It remains possible for patients to access their Connect Care immunization record through MAC.

Technical teams continue to work round-the-clock to increase MHR capacity and reduce any queues. We will keep you updated about access to MAC as additional information becomes available.  

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