Webinar: Release of Lab Results to Patients - What This Means to Your Practice

As previously posted, all Albertans will soon have access to more lab results released in real time via MyHealth Records. The Alberta Medical Association and Alberta Health Services are co-hosting webinars to explore the implications of this change for prescribers. 

Real time release of labs to patients: What this means to your practice.

This 1-hour webinar will consider implications for physicians and their patients of the release of 95% (by volume) of laboratory test results to patients via MyHealth Records starting February 5, 2021. The interactive session is open to physicians, nurse practitioners and medical office support staff, and includes primary care, acute care and oncology perspectives as well as input from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta.  

Presenters: Dr. Allen Ausford, Dr. Brad Bahler, Dr. Jay Easaw, Dr. Rob Hayward, Dr. Ewan Affleck
Moderators: Dr. Heidi Fell, Dr. Stuart Rosser 

  • Consider possible impacts of real-time results release for patients and the clinician's role in pre-test counselling. 
  • Share strategies for managing potential implications for office, clinic and hospital workflows.
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