Seeking Connect Care Physician Area Trainers

We have previously posted about Connect Care Provincial Physician Trainers (PPTs) and Connect Care Area Physician Trainers (APTs). APTs focus on the needs of clinical specialties and facilities, working under the guidance of PPTs. They are critical to Connect Care success and we are recruiting in earnest!

Connect Care promotes physicians training physicians. APTs are physicians drawn from representative clinical areas who help teach clinical information system (CIS) use to their peers. They are drawn to pragmatic teaching. They help colleagues attain CIS competency and proficiency, and are themselves supported by the CMIO Provincial Training team. Their reach is provincial. The curriculum they design is adapted to clinical area and facility needs.

APTs work with zone medical leadership and co-report to Associate Chief Medical Information Officers (ACMIOs). They are expected to contribute approximately 160 hours to this role over a 6-month period, including receiving training (64 hours), delivering training (60 hours) and providing launch support (36 hours).

The AHS CMIO portfolio works with AHS Zones to recruit the right number and diversity of APTs for successful launch. We are keen to identify clinicians who could benefit Connect Care while growing with the APT opportunity. Physicians working in both fee for service and contractual relationships, including the AMHSP, are encouraged to apply.