Alberta Health Personal Health Record Progress

The Alberta Health Personal Health Record project continues to evolve, transitioning to a new phase with new software in the first quarter of 2019. Previously an Internet offering based on the "HealthVault" program, and available to limited pilot-test populations, a new platform will better accommodate the smaller screen sizes of mobile devices.

The re-designed offering, to be launched as "MyHealth Records", provides a secure online digital health portfolio that can be used to gather, manage and track personal health information. MyHealth Records will give adult Albertans the ability to view some of their health data from the Netcare provincial electronic health record. This includes recent medications dispensed from participating Alberta pharmacies, many immunizations administered in Alberta and some common laboratory test results.

Uptake of MyHealth Records can shift how Albertans relate to health information and to their healthcare team. Assistance will be available for users should they have any questions or require help. A call-in line will provide troubleshooting advice and will also connect users to Health Link 811 should users have any questions about health information released on MyHealth Records.

Clinicians can visit the MyHealth Records webpage (myhealth.alberta.ca/mhr-provider) to learn more, and send questions or comments to myhealthrecords@gov.ab.ca.