Connect Care Scope Management Progress

Scope management is about how we identify important CIS clinical, functional or safety gaps, prioritize gap-mitigation strategies and select systems that fill gaps while working with the CIS.

We posted about Connect Care scope management over a year ago, emphasizing a principles-based approach to decision-making about which health information systems to integrate into the provincial clinical information system (CIS). We later reported about methods for choosing which data, and how much, to transfer from retiring information systems to Connect Care and later still surfaced options for accessing historical data that may remain in legacy systems. As we get closer to implementation, there is more clarity about which applications are integrated into the CIS and what data can be converted.

The short Byte and Principles, linked below, have been updated. Improved SharePoint resources cover all aspects of scope management, including a list of all integrations to be completed as part of the Connect Care initiative. The presentation gives a reminder about scope management principles and processes. (note that some links will only work on the AHS intranet).