Getting Ready - Current State Assessment

As part of our preparation for Connect Care, the AHS Provincial CIS team meets with clinical teams across the province to document what services AHS provides and how technology is used by healthcare providers in their daily work. Right now, AHS supports clinical care with over 1,300 different information systems. This fragments Albertans’ information, also making it harder for clinicians to provide comprehensive care.

Current state assessment teams have already engaged with many clinical teams to learn how the services we deliver interact with technology. Through this work we have already heard from over 800 clinical staff and physicians from across the province, across specialties and across diverse care settings.

We are moving through this process sequentially. As the current state assessments home in on critical clinical workflows, given the size and diverse needs of the organization, intersects with teams focus on smaller segments.  One of our early observations is that we deliver very similar services provincially, with largely the same high level processes. And there is widespread recognition of need for more consistency in how these services are supported with technology. This is great news as we move forward.

Follow the link to view an infographic that illustrates the current areas of work under Connect Care current assessment. We recognize that we have yet to touch all areas within AHS, but be assured that we are working our way through the organization and eventually will meet with representatives from all clinical areas impacted by Connect Care.

Through these initial meetings we have developed a high-level understanding and received good feedback about the process.  As we work with your teams to prepare for Connect Care, we will continue to enhance our understanding of how care is delivered, and where the CIS can have the most positive impacts.