CIS Physician Design Leads

We are thrilled to welcome four physician design leads as senior medical leaders who will help guide the design and development of the AHS Provincial Clinical Information System (CIS). Starting July 1, 2017, reporting to the CMIO, this group works in “triad” (clinical-operations-technology) relationships stewarding the CIS.
Echo Enns is a family physician and hospitalist who has served in diverse leadership positions including Physician Lead of both the Peter Lougheed and the Foothills Medical Center hospitalist programs (first of their kind in Canada), She has lead several QI projects, including medication reconciliation, optimization of discharge summaries, ward communications, and paging etiquette. Echo's deep understanding of front-line clinical work-flows will be invaluable to CIS design.
Vanessa McLean also brings a wealth of AHS leadership experience to the CIS initiative, from f​ront-line to administrative roles, including an impactful stint as South Zone Medical Director. Vanessa’s broad experience includes building collaborative relationships with varied stakeholders, troubleshooting and leading during critical incidents, participating in strategic planning, and working with teams to achieve operational objectives.
Stuart Rosser, currently in his third year as Site Chief for the Medicine Program at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton, knows well the administrative, logistical, and clinical requirements for delivering care to a broad range of patients. His leadership has emphasized physicians' personal accountability for the value they add to the healthcare system, emphasizing education, administration, and quality improvement. Has worked on zone CIS projects and provincial information stewardship initiatives, with a deep understanding of the work that will be required to align clinical, business, and IT requirements.
Chris White, previously a program leader for the Calgary Neuromuscular Program, is currently a Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Clinical Neuroscience at the University of Calgary. He remains a busy clinician who deeply understands the reality of clinical settings and information intersects. In his previous role as South Health Campus Site Lead, Chris was instrumental in fostering collaborative partnerships between clinicians, administration and IT. This site achieved significant stakeholder alignment, key to a successful implementation of integrative clinical programs and teams. 
fifth design lead position remains open, with recruitment underway. We are seeking a physician experienced with clinical support programs like diagnostic imaging, laboratories, microbiology or pathology.​
AHS CIS MD Roles: handbook.ahs-cis.ca/?=12381
Design Lead Posting: li.ahs-cmio.ca/designlead