Calgary Zone Bulletin - Ambulatory Results Management Update

User bulletins highlight stumbling blocks that all affected prescribers need to be aware of when using the Connect Care clinical information system.

Ambulatory Results Management Update

Starting November 16, 2022, some results from outside of the Calgary Zone will be suppressed from In Basket to reduce duplicate reports related to Calgary Zone patients. This is an interim state and will revert at some future date.

  • A hard copy (paper or fax) of results may be sent. Prescribers must regularly monitor Connect Care In Basket AND hard copy reports, and follow-up on results as needed.
  • All results are available in Netcare and the Connect Care patient chart.
  • To improve the reliability of result delivery to In Basket and reduce hard copy reports, be sure to use Connect Care requisitions when arranging for patients' laboratory testing.

For more information, see the memo.