eCLINICIAN Viewer Launching October 7, 2022

With the launch of Connect Care in November 2019, the eCLINICIAN clinical information system has been maintained in read-only state to ensure that legacy clinical information remained accessible while plans for full decommissioning were being developed. As of October 7, 2022, the eCLINICIAN patient record access in Connect Care (via the “Other Clinical Systems” link in Storyboard or Sidebar) will be removed and replaced by an eCLINICIAN "Viewer." This will continue to provide access to key clinical information from the legacy system.

How does this impact me? 

The ability to access legacy clinical information will continue, but the access method may change:

  • Key clinical information required for continuity of care will be available in real time via the eCLINICIAN Viewer. Connect Care prescribers will be able to access this Viewer. 
  • eCLINICIAN Letters, Notes and Communications (encounters before July 1, 2017) can be found in the Viewer, but not in the original formatting. Images that were embedded in Progress Notes will not display in the Viewer.
  • The entire eCLINICIAN database has been added to the AHS Enterprise content management system ("Solix") which can recover and generate reports from legacy data.

Requests by Connect Care prescribers for information not available in the eCLINICIAN Viewer, or for purposes outside of continuity of care, can be submitted as follows: