New 'Day at a Glance' View in MyAHS Connect for Inpatients

Hospitalizations offer an important opportunity to introduce the MyAHS Connect patient portal to patients and families, and to promote its use as an aid to care, discharge planning and follow-up. Ward staff (inpatient) can build MyAHS Connect activation into patient education activities, and prescribers can routinely check whether their inpatients are aware of portal options.

Starting March 16, 2021, active MyAHS Connect users are automatically presented with a "Day at a Glance" display when admitted to a healthcare facility using Connect Care as its record of care. This includes information about the patient's:
  • Inpatient healthcare team
  • Diet
  • Medications
  • Upcoming interventions (imaging, tests, procedures)
  • Consultations
Effective use of MyAHS Connect during hospitalizations can engage patients and their families as active members of the healthcare team. Research and experience shows that timely patient information access actually decreases clinician information burdens, as patients and families ask more focused questions and have easier independent access to answers. Also, families can do better when timing visits to fit with inpatient activities.