Improvements to Lab Requisition Management

Connect Care "transition" states can frustrate clinicians. A Zone is in transition when some health information is handled within Connect Care and other functions remain on paper, or within other systems.

Two big transitional challenges relate to 1) prescriptions entered in Connect Care but and dispensed under another system (e.g., community pharmacy without e-prescribing), and 2) laboratory tests ordered in Connect Care but performed in another system (e.g., community lab not yet integrated with provincial lab services). Until Connect Care fully deploys, clinicians may struggle with hybrid workflows involving printers and paper.

Recent enhancements improve hybrid laboratory workflows, especially the efficiency of printed requisitions and the ease of creating reprints when needed. 

Now clinicians can reprint multiple laboratory test requests on a single page (akin to the old paper lab requisitions) when the test is to be performed outside Connect Care facilities. Should a new requisition be required, clinicians can generate these as needed via the "Labs" tab of chart review.