Physician Resources Listing Updated

Befitting the size and complexity of Connect Care, the volume and variety of communications grows exponentially as launch grows closer. Not all are of direct relevance to prescribers.

This (bytes.connect-care.ca) and other Connect Care communication channels for physicians can help. We highlight new and important topics, briefly, daily. Those who want to know more can link-out to single-page summaries ("Byte") and, from there, more detailed resources.

Not all physicians have the same Connect Care needs. Focused communication channels can help. Accordingly, we have started messaging for different listening styles and contexts. One new channel focuses on the needs of physicians who will not be using Connect Care as their record of care. Another focuses on physicians pursuing informatics opportunities.

A user-to-user peer support forum is part of our launch plans. We've set this up and are figuring out how to make it work well for those who value that kind of interaction. And we continue to work on a new physician manual to make key user-oriented documents readily available on mobile platforms. The physician handbook will focus on the more detailed information needs of super users, trainers, power users, builders and designers.

We will continue to summarize current and emerging links at resources.connect-care.ca (recently updated).