Training Drives EHR User Satisfaction

A recent article in Applied Clinical Informatics explores correlations between end-user satisfaction with Electronic Health Records (EHR) and approaches to training. Worth a skim as we put our own physician training program in motion!

The authors examine the experience of a very large number of EHR implementations recorded through the "ARCH" initiative, which includes systems similar what we have been designing. Differences in user satisfaction appear to have less to do with technology  than how users are prepared to take advantage of that technology. To quote a principal conclusion: "If health organizations offered higher-quality educational opportunities for their care providers - and if providers were expected to develop greater mastery of EHR functionality - many of the current EHR challenges would be ameliorated."

We are pleased to note that many learnings resonate with our training principles and design. We must do our best, as Connect Care initiative and as emerging Connect Care users, to leverage these efforts to apply best practices adapted to Alberta realities.

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