Wave 2 Launch Event in Lacombe and Red Deer

Implementation of Connect Care takes a phased approach, with each implementation wave bringing Alberta Health Services closer to becoming the most integrated and accessible healthcare system in Canada. The first wave launches in November, 2019, bringing the University of Alberta Hospital, Stollery Childrens Hospital, Mazankowski Heart Instituted and all eCLINICIAN clinics to full clinical information system (CIS) implementation.

After a short period for review and optimization, a second wave launches a year from now at select sites in the Calgary and Central Zones.

Operational and clinical leaders gathered in Lacombe April 24 for an energizing introduction to wave 2 readiness preparations. Demonstrations gave attendees a tangible sense of how clinical care, including medical device use, bridge to Connect Care.

Later in the day, zone physicians gathered in Red Deer to see the emerging CIS and discuss how to take advantage of workflow-enhancing mobile solutions. Super User and Area Trainer roles were promoted, with the Central Zone ACMIO, Dr. Steven Turner eager to hear from interested physicians.

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