Connect Care First Anniversary!

Although the Connect Care initiative has been forming for many years, it is almost exactly one year since the AHS contract with Epic Systems was signed and Connect Care began a new phase.

How much has changed! Connect Care has gelled as a truly provincial initiative. Diverse professions, programs, patients and partners have come together to promote a common purpose. The scale of collaboration is extraordinary, possibly a defining event for our decade-young organization.

Here's just a few of the many accomplishments to celebrate:
  • Adopting an innovative provincial oversight strategy, with committees, councils and advisory groups providing governance, advocacy and community connection.
  • Engaging thousands of experts so that Connect Care reflects their needs and aspirations. 
  • Planning and managing six high-impact Direction Setting and Adoption & Validation conferences in just eight months. 
  • Laying the foundation of our new system through extensive design and build work, with many thousands of workflow decisions, and all core clinical system design, already complete. 
  • Preparing for implementation with wireless infrastructure, launch sequencing, data conversion, training strategies, readiness preparations and capacity-building well under way.
  • Supporting over 60 specialty workgroups as they guide customizations for their areas.
  • Certifying over 250 configuration and training staff, plus many physician builders, all contributing to our design and build.
  • Distilling widely divergent scales, measures and flowsheets in to a strong set of validated tools for provincial use.
  • Embraced productive collaboration, not only between clinical, operational, corporate and IT teams, but with a vibrant group of patient advisors embedded at all levels of oversight and guidance.
Profuse thanks to all who have stepped up to put their time and effort into this ground-breaking initiative!

Anniversary highlights are nicely summarized by our CEO: