A fitting close to Adoption & Validation

We thank all those contributing valuable time and energy to Connect Care’s third Adoption & Validation session in Calgary (September 25, 26, 27). This last province-wide gathering continued a series of truly incredible accomplishments! Thousands of participants sustained extraordinary productivity, guiding thousands of decisions through three direction-setting and three adoption & validation sessions.

Connect Care transformation is no longer aspirational; it is our every-day reality. Soon we begin testing a clinical information system fortified with provincially-ratified documentation, decision and inquiry supports… allowing us to express our best intentions as never before. The decisions we’ve made are far from trivial. Even those that seem small, such as patient demographic descriptors, are used for positive transformation.

Adoption & Validation 3 performed good work. It also cemented a remarkable Connect Care “positivism”. Although we were thrilled to see more AHS-led demonstrations, it was the hallway discussions that best reflected how far we’ve come. Conversation about Connect Care has moved from contemplation through acceptance to eager anticipation. Our peers are increasingly aware of coming challenges, but also increasingly motivated by the promise of post-implementation opportunity.

Between now and the end of the year, the race is on to complete essential Connect Care content design and build. We are succeeding already, with every hope for attainment of our best hopes.