Connect Care Adoption & Validation #1 a Success

Adoption & Validation is one of the major activities occurring during design of the Connect Care clinical information system (CIS). The relationships between design and build activities are summarized in an online presentation: How the system is built. The first Adoption & Validation session occurred last week at the Calgary Telus Convention Centre and was a big success.

The formal sessions proved very helpful to those working to shape the AHS CIS. Lots of good discussion tapped expertise and experience from all corners of the province. Many groups, including Area Councils, Specialty Workgroups and Committees took opportunity to meet and tackle complex issues. Indeed, the intensity and productivity of these “un-sessions” reflect how far we’ve come in just over half a year. Connect Care goals are taken for granted. Stakeholders are deeply engaged, and a problem-solving spirit moves us forward more than any leadership team could have hoped for.

Physician leads gathered at various times during the week, including a standing-room-only discussion about mobile solutions. The group resolved to hold similar meets at upcoming sessions, each addressing a theme of particular interest to physicians.

The next Adoption & Validation session will take place in Edmonton, August 14 to 16, 2018.