What do Clinicians want from Connect Care?

The Alberta Health Services (AHS) Connect Care initiative aspires to improved health outcomes through use of a one-person-one-record-one-system support for clinical improvement. For improvement to follow implementation, it is vitally important that pCIS users integrate new informational supports into daily workflows in a meaningful way. And that requires meaningful engagement.
Engagement is facilitated when stakeholders understand the purpose of Connect Care, what it means for patients, what benefits users can expect, and how AHS can collaborate with users to promote benefits and avoid harms. The mission, values, goals and core principles of the initiative must make sense, be easily understand, and be compelling.
Users must also be highly motivated. They must be able to see, in a very practical way, how Connect Care will help them to do their work. These are matters of detail, often intimate, and inseparable from the messiness of frontline practice.
So, what do clinicians want from Connect Care? We have summarized impressions gained from interviews, meetings and focus. Follow the link to learn how users prioritize matters of convenience, connection, adaptation, integration and agency.