Breaking Habits - Patient Lookup

Breaking Habit bulletins identify information behaviors that served well in Netcare but need to be broken to avoid confusion in Connect Care.

Patient Lookup - Context is Everything

The Netcare Electronic Health Record assembles information about patients' investigations and interventions. The context is the patient. Things like lab results are not linked to specific health care events or interactions. The first step in a Netcare workflow is to look up a specific patient chart... and that is our habit.

The Connect Care clinical information system (CIS) provides information about patients as well as information about the delivery of care to patients. Information and workflows are always presented in context. Therefore, our new habit needs to find the patient in a visit (outpatient), admission (inpatient) or connected sequence of events (episode).

EHR habits can hamper CIS workflows. This is especially true for Emergency and Inpatient interactions. Start with context, then seek the patient and task:

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