Hours Away!

From our CEO, Verna Yiu...

We are in the homestretch and in the final hours before we launch Wave 1 of Connect Care. I’m full of gratitude for all the effort and work that’s led us to this point. Where else in Canada are we going to be able to do something like this? We are, in essence, making healthcare history.

 We know it’s going to be a little bit bumpy. No doubt about that. But we also know that we have the resources and supports in place to help us address any issues we come across. Some of the issues will be resolved very quickly and others may take a bit more time. But, again, we know we have the resources and supports in place to help us deal with any issue.


We are all full of gratitude for all the work and amount of effort that you’ve put into getting us to this point. Hang in there as we prepare to launch and know you have the support of AHS behind you.
 Remember that, ultimately, we’re doing this because we want to improve patient quality and safety of care — and that, ultimately, this is going to transform the way that we provide healthcare in Alberta.

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