What a day!

Our second day in new Connect Care workspaces uncovered a number of rough spots needing attention. Continuing nimble trouble-shooting 24/7, physician informaticians effectively teamed up with operations, IT and Epic resources to push through problems and keep patients safe. Examples of important fixes appear in the Support Channel.

We (rightly) fret the frustrations, but we must remember that the overall experience is of remarkable success and rapid uptake. A few highlights:
  • Super User Community - our Super Users have rapidly established a vibrant Slack social network, with effective sharing of questions and solutions. There are 135 active members, 73 posting daily, with over 3000 messages exchanged. Lots of great tips, links and illustrations.
  • Access SWAT Team - working with some exceptionally helpful Epic resources, we moved just-in-time PRD trouble-shooting to the physician drop-in centre where issues were usually fixed within minutes. Much faster turn-around times begot happiness all round!
  • Drop-in Centre - hats off to the many clinical informatics leads, trainers and super users who have helped to keep physician drop-ins an excellent path to nimble help. The centre has been continually busy, and exceptionally effective. 
  • MyAHS Connect - the patient portal launched smoothly, with over 80 patients accessing and interacting in the first day.
  • Concierge - the Connect Care help portal has already served well, smoothly capturing > 600 tickets in the first day, with over half of those resolved within the first day.
  • Complex cases - multiple trauma cases challenged the ER in the first hours post-launch. Other complex surgical cases included three transplant operations. Everyone managed well, but also gained a lot of learnings about the importance of mastering phases of care and transfer handoffs.
  • Physician Handbook - usage has shot up from an average of ~100 uses per day to >500 users per day.
  • Early press - has been kind.
  • 4000 cups of coffee have been consumed!

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