Honest Conversations: 1. Setting the Stage

Unfortunate timing. The academic and popular press brims with testimonials about physician Electronic Health Record (EHR) dissatisfaction, just as we rally physicians for Connect Care launch.

Fortunate timing. The products of our collaborative design are emerging, bringing our stakeholders fully into review and validation. We have our eyes on Connect Care well before its first use; and we are totally committed to making the toolkit as helpful as possible for clinicians.

So, this is exactly the right time for us to confront EHR angst. We won't get things precisely right, but we can ensure that we are on the best pathway to continuing improvement. And take time for honest conversations about where things have gone wrong with large EHR initiatives elsewhere.

An excellent starter read gives insight into the American experience. Please take a look and give the Fortune magazine article some thought. We will work our way through its harms inventory and re-affirm our own commitment to harms-avoidance and harms-reduction.

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  1. Concerns about harms associated with digital health records are important to explore. Please feel free to post reflections here (anonymous is okay).


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