What is CII?

Alberta's physicians are inundated with health informatics acronyms. A relative newcomer is "CII", which stands for Community Information Integration. This references both new technology and information services.

The technology joins the Alberta Netcare Portal suite. It enables exchange of certain types of summative health information between electronic medical records (EMR) and the Netcare electronic health record (EHR). Standards-aware, it could also exchange health information with the Connect Care clinical information system (CIS).

The associated information service initially focuses on private, group and networked physician offices that use compatible EMRs. An early priority is to capture care synopses, including lists of visit diagnoses, allergies and other key information, for patients served by those clinics. The synopsis is added to the patient's Netcare record. In addition, specialty consults documented with compatible EMRs are captured and added to Netcare.

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