Barcoding in Connect Care - Getting to HIMSS 6

Barcodes are graphic compositions of lines, symbols or shapes organized in ways that convey information to optical devices. Barcodes can be incorporated into identity cards, patient wristbands, medication labels, laboratory test collection tubes or scannable documents.

We know from the experience of others that good barcoding aligns with best practice. The connection is so strong that the Health Information and Management System Society (HIMSS) looks for this as a marker of organizations that have achieved advanced use of digital health records. Indeed, good barcoding for patient identification, medication management, blood product administration, medical imaging and supply management merits Stage 6 (out of 7) HIMSS certification.

We aspire to this level of digitally enabled transformation at AHS and will seek HIMSS stage 6 within 6 months of each Connect Care implementation wave.

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