What will become of MyChart?

With Connect Care launch soon upon us, users of current clinical information systems, including the eCLINICIAN ambulatory care record in the Edmonton Zone, prepare for transitions. Naturally, there are many concerns and many questions.

We've recently received a number of requests about support for patients using, and depending upon, the eCLINICIAN MyChart patient portal. This is deployed through a number of specialty and primary care clinics, providing users with access to test results, secure communications, scheduling and other health information services.

Connect Care will launch with its own patient portal, "MyAHS Connect". This is configured as a clinical service for those receiving care where Connect Care is the record of care. We've previously described the nature of the offering and will soon offer a lot more detail about how patients will be enrolled and supported.

With release earlier this year of the Alberta Health public service patient portal, MyHealth Records (see past posting), it is important to coordinate portal offerings in the province of Alberta. Accordingly, the answer to questions about exactly what Connect Care will offer and how eCLINICIAN patients will be transitioned is... "its complicated".

Which test results and reports can be released, how records can be shared and how different portals will be linked are all matters of ongoing deliberation. We will communicate more fully as reliable details emerge.

For now, MyChart users can be assured that our intent is to continue equivalent or better services. Exactly how and when this happens continues to be worked out. Stay connected! The following resources are subject to change:

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