Connect Care Implementation Timeline Tweaks

As Connect Care continues to unfold, implementation details are smoothed out. Recent adjustments to Waves 1 through 6 affect when some sites and programs launch.
We've already posted about the need to move Wave 1 launch from November 2 to November 3 in order to accommodate the switch from daylight to standard mountain time.

Other changes accommodate clinical services that need to co-deploy:
  • Provincial Tuberculosis (TB) services will be included in Waves 1 and 2. 
  • Some community Addiction & Mental Health clinics need to launch with parent sites in Waves 2 through 6. 
  • Wildfire impacts delay some North Zone plans. 
  • Grande Prairie Hospital launch depends upon an unconfirmed opening date. 
  • Calgary Zone tweaks reflect careful sequence process analysis.
  • Alberta Kidney Care, Alberta Screen Test and Cancer Control Alberta provincial programs launch in Waves 4 and 5. 
  • Details continue to firm up for some programs outside core AHS sites in Waves 7-9.  
To prepare for these changes, some technology infrastructure (internet and hardware) assessments also shift. Updates continue to be posted on Connect Care intranet spaces: