Clinical System Design Handbook Initiated

Clinical System Design (CSD) is the process for planning, selecting, designing and building clinical content in the Connect Care clinical information system (CIS). Clinicians, clinical and operations experts, leaders and patients contribute to the prioritization, selection, adaptation and decision-making about Connect Care content. For “core” content, such as the default format for progress notes applicable across all clinical areas, CSD decisions are mostly referred to Content & Standards, Clinical Decision Support, Clinical Documentation and Clinical Improvement Support committees. For “specialty” content, such as how a particular procedure report is formatted, CSD decision-making is the responsibility of Connect Care Area Councils. The councils draw upon diverse subject matter experts, clinical documentation workgroups and CKCM methods experts.

As committees and councils begin work on CSD questions, it is important that common principles, guides, styles and other norms are shared, used and continually improved. To help, a new CSD Handbook gathers key information in one place, available to all Connect Care stakeholders.

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