Connect Care Direction Setting 2 - Information for Physicians

Direction-Setting is one of the major activities occurring during design of the Connect Care clinical information system (CIS). The purpose is to prepare for a CIS foundation build that supports the way we need to work, rather than getting in the way. A first set of sessions occurred mid-February, involved over 2300 participants and gave first exposure to basic CIS functions for many. Consensus was achieved for about 80% of the workflow decisions presented. More importantly, there were many valuable lessons learned about how to present and navigate workflow decisions, with processes steadily improving.  Questions that could not be decided, and many new questions arising, are referred to Connect Care Committees and Area Councils.

The second direction-setting event (DS2) occurs March 13-15 in Edmonton at the Shaw Convention Centre. Participating physicians will be receiving invitations and information about logistics. As with the first event, there are many other ways to help shape the CIS... no worries if an invitation is not received. Only those physicians needed for a smaller set of workflow topics covered in DS2 are pulled in to the March activities.

DS2 has fewer participants than either DS1 or DS3.  This is intentional, because Epic is in the process of upgrading its software to the 2018 version and areas where the upgrade has a big impact on workflow have been moved to DS3.  We have also done our best, based on your feedback, to make the sessions as efficient and condensed as possible.  Some participants may not need to commit more than one or two days. 

Information about the sessions, time commitments and logistics can be found in the physician handbook (handbook.ahs-cis.ca/?=direction-setting). Please contact cmio@ahs.ca with questions, interest, or simply to add your name to the Connect Care registry of physician contributors. Thanks!

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