Thank you to Direction Setting 2 Participants

A warm thank you to our Alberta Health Services (AHS) clinicians for making time in busy schedules to attend the Connect Care direction setting sessions Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week. Thanks too to the many colleagues and patients who made accommodations to allow so much protected time from busy physicians.

Direction setting has, again, been a great success. The sessions, demonstrations and discussions have moved us forward, keeping to the Connect Care design and build schedule. As importantly, the many between-session discussions gave invaluable opportunity for just-in-time planning and problem-solving. We’ve changed since direction setting 1! With a clearer sense of purpose, and urgency, we share our growing provincial understanding and sort out a myriad of background issues, making the direction setting sessions more productive.

As with Direction Setting 1, some issues are flagged for further exploration. We’ve already assigned "parking lot" matters to Connect Care Committees, Councils,  and Workgroups. Indeed, both the clinical documentation committee and reporting workgroup took advantage of our time together this week to further explore unresolved workflow and core design questions. This work remains transparent. The Connect Care committee and council workspaces are open to all AHS stakeholders. In addition, we will soon share summaries of decision making session outcomes.

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