Clinical Knowledge & Content Management serves Clinical System Design

The Alberta Health Services (AHS) Clinical Knowledge & Content Management (CKCM) program was formed to render Alberta’s best clinical content for use in clinical information systems (CIS). Clinical content includes standards (terminologies, lists, etc.), documentation (templates, flowsheets, etc.), decision supports (references, advisories, order sets, etc.) and inquiry supports (performance indicators, quality measures, etc.); all used by a CIS to support best possible health services.

Connect Care clinical content starts with AHS’s extensive experience with order sets, guidelines and standards; including the work of Strategic Clinical Networks, quality improvement initiatives, provincial clinical documentation standards and other sources. CKCM acts as a content “broker”, readying AHS content for Area Council review, adapting Epic’s content to help fill gaps and assuring effective use by Connect Care developers.  Above all, CKCM helps harmonize content across the care continuum provincially.

CKCM is led by a robust team of physicians, clinicians, and clinical support professionals collaborating with stakeholders across the province.  All Connect Care committees and area councils receive CKCM resources to help them answer clinical system design questions and prepare content for use in the CIS. The CKCM annual retreat focused on Choosing Wisely and Clinical Appropriateness initiatives, while formalizing how CKCM supports Connect Care Area Councils.

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