Patient & Family Advisors Needed for Area Councils

One of the ways Alberta Health Services (AHS) is preparing for Connect Care is by working with patients and families to ensure that Connect Care Area Councils (CCACs) effectively advocate for clinical information system (CIS) stakeholder needs.

CCACs provide the clinical and operational leadership to support best possible practices through the design, configuration, customization, implementation and optimization of CIS content. CCACs report to the Connect Care Council, providing advocacy about professional and practice issues specific to major clinical programs, such as surgery, medicine, child health, women’s health, mental health, emergency and cancer care.

Patient and family advisors are needed to bring their healthcare experiences to CCAC deliberations. CCAC members:
  1. Identify clinical priorities for standards and consistent practice across the province
  2. Act as ambassadors and change agents to support implementation
  3. Offer long term support for the ongoing organization and use of Connect Care
  4. Address professional and practice issues specific to clinical service delivery
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