More With Less: Using Mobile Billing for Repetitive Services

We've previously posted about the re-release of professional billing supports within Connect Care's mobile platforms (Haiku for smartphones and Canto for iPads). It is nice to see growing uptake.

Some users wonder about best "use cases" for mobile billing. One such case relates to submission of multiple repetitive charges (service event billings) for a patient. Mobile billing offers a unique feature for "copy-forward" of a prior charge to a new date without having to re-enter all the billing details (e.g., health problems, referring provider, modifiers):

  • Open a patient's chart in Haiku or Canto and go to the Charge activity.
  • Confirm or select the date for the intended billing charge.
  • Tap the "Add" button, then tap the copy icon (top left), then select the prior charge (e.g., hospital visit) to be copied.
  • Tap "done" (top right).
  • Optionally tap the copied charge for further editing (but in most cases it can be left as is... the needed date changes are automatically updated).
  • Tap "File" to submit the charge.
  • Cycle through this workflow (it gets fast!) for all the days that the charge should be copied to.

Use of the mobility copy charge feature can dramatically speed up, for example, recording multiple daily visits for a patient one has been caring for over a period of time in hospital. See the mobile billing Manual and linked tips resources, focusing on the "copy" feature, for more information.

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