COVID-19 and Connect Care - Just-in-Time Training

The COVID-19 second wave brings rapidly increasing numbers of patients to our hospitals and critical care units. The Edmonton Zone is particularly hard hit, with most cases going to the University of Alberta Hospital (currently on Connect Care) and the Royal Alexandra Hospital. 

Many healthcare workers help by accepting clinical reassignments to serve COVID-19 inpatient units, or to free up other specialists by covering non-COVID units. Some prescribers are new to Connect Care and others encounter Connect Care modules (e.g., inpatient) that are new to them.  

The following steps are followed for prescribers needing just-in-time basic or additional Connect Care training:

  1. Edmonton Zone Medical Affairs is informed of the clinical assignment, confirming that privileges are in place, that training needs are clarified, Connect Care access is provisioned, and training instructions are provided: Edm.MedicalAffairs@ahs.ca.
  2. The provider's name is added to a training list and an appropriate pathway is provided for training and certification.
  3. Providers new to Connect Care will be contacted by the Edmonton Zone ACMIO team (cmio.ez@ahs.ca) to arrange virtual training.
  4. Prescribers who already have Connect Care training, and need to cross-train in another track, can access relevant Independent Learning on MyLearningLink by searching for "Independent". For example, those needing the inpatient tract would:
    • Search using "Independent" under "Courses & Registration". 
    • Look for "Epic-CMIO Inpatient Admitting Consulting Independent Learning".
    • Use the "Register" button to access the course.
    • Course elements can be completed at the user's pace and in multiple sittings.
  5. Independent learning is currently available for Critical Care, Inpatient, Emergency, Anesthesia, Pediatrics, Addictions and Mental Health, Ambulatory and Personalization.
  6. Further help with just-in-time training is available via help.cmio@ahs.ca.