Connect Care Hyperdrive Upgrade - Phase 3, Wednesday February 28, 2024

We previously posted about the upcoming move from our existing “Hyperspace” version of Epic to a newer version called “Hyperdrive”. The move to Hyperdrive is happening in three phases between February 13 and 28, with phases 1 and 2 including small groups of AHS acute care sites/programs, and everyone else being included in phase 3. 

Phase 3 will switch to Hyperdrive as of Wednesday, February 28, 2024 at 07:00. Phase 3 includes all Connect Care users who were not part of phases 1 and 2. All prescribers from these sites will have received an email indicating that they are part of phase 3. 


Starting February 28 at 07:00, the original red "CC" icon used in the past to log in to Connect Care will launch Hyperdrive, for all users (phases 1 to 3). 
  • Phase 3: To ensure the red CC icon opens the new Hyperdrive environment, if in a Hyperspace session at 07:00, phase 3 users should end their Hyperspace session ("x" out and close the login window), wait 30 seconds, then reopen their session by clicking on the same red icon. 
    • Note: Phase 3 users may have noticed another (orange) icon on their screen previous to February 28, which phases 1 and 2 used temporarily. Phase 3 users will not be using this icon to log in to Connect Care. 
  • Phases 1 and 2: As of February 28, the temporary orange "CC HD" icon used to launch Hyperdrive will be disabled, and phases 1 and 2 users will switch back to the original red CC icon. 
    • Note: The temporary orange icon may still be visible after 07:00 on February 28; however, if clicked on, an error message will appear.

Virtual Drop-In Centre

The CMIO will be providing virtual drop-in support for prescribers on weekdays throughout the Hyperdrive rollout period, at the below times: 

  • February 26–March 1, 2024, daily support 08:00–16:00
  • March 4–8, 2024, daily support 08:00–16:00

After-hours/weekend support will also be available through the Helpdesk. For more information, see the Hyperdrive Upgrade section of the Manual.