Connect Care Hyperdrive Upgrade - Phase 2, Wednesday February 21, 2024

We previously posted about the upcoming move from our existing “Hyperspace” version of Epic to a newer version called “Hyperdrive”. The move to Hyperdrive is happening in three phases between February 13 and 28, with phases 1 and 2 including small groups of AHS acute care sites/programs, and everyone else being included in phase 3. 

Phase 2 will switch to Hyperdrive as of Wednesday, February 21, 2024 at 07:00. Phase 2 includes users from Cross Cancer Institute, Grande Cache Community Health Complex, Manning Community Health Centre, Peter Lougheed Centre, and South Calgary Health Centre (Urgent Care only). All prescribers from these sites will have received an email indicating that they are part of phase 2. 


  • February 21 to 27: Starting February 21 at 07:00, all phase 2 users should log in to Connect Care using the new "CC HD" orange icon, until the end of the Hyperdrive rollout (February 28). 
    • The original icon will remain on the devices for phase 2 sites during this time, but should not be used by phase 2 users during the Hyperdrive rollout period.  
  • February 28: On February 28 at 07:00, the new icon will be removed and phase 2 users will then go back to using the original icon to log in to Connect Care. As of February 28 at 07:00, the original icon will launch Hyperdrive for all users (phases 1 to 3).

Virtual Drop-In Centre

The CMIO will be providing virtual drop-in support for prescribers on weekdays throughout the Hyperdrive rollout period, at the below times: 

  • February 19–23, 2024, daily support 08:00–16:00
  • February 26–March 1, 2024, daily support 08:00–16:00
  • March 4–8, 2024, daily support 08:00–16:00

After-hours/weekend support will also be available through the Helpdesk. For more information, see the Hyperdrive Upgrade section of the Manual.