Countdown Checklist L8, T-minus 95: Are you in?

Continuing a list of essential actions for Connect Care Launch 8 prescribers readying for launch May 4, 2024...
  • Are you in Connect Care Launch 8? 
An obvious first checklist task is to determine whether Launch 8 tasks even apply!

For most physicians, that determination is made by Medical Affairs. Lists of clinic physicians, visiting specialists and on-call contributors are used to generate invitations to Launch 8 physicians. Despite this, it is possible that some physicians with new site responsibilities -- and some physicians who have already trained in earlier waves -- might be missed. Physicians should check the sites slated for Launch 8 and be sure that they have been invited to participate if they expect to work at those sites:
For nurse practitioners (NPs), Provincial NP Services makes the determination based on HR lists. However, it is recognized that many NPs cover cross-site/-zone programs or have multiple "casual" positions; Provincial NP Services contacts all NPs and their managers directly to confirm. NPs expecting to work at a Launch 8 site who have not been contacted should email Provincial NP Services.

Other online resources can be checked for the latest information: