All User Bulletin - Use of the Database Tab in Procedure (Lab) Orders

All-user-bulletins highlight stumbling blocks that all prescribers need to be aware of when using the Connect Care clinical information system.

Use of Database Tab in Procedure (Lab) Orders
When prescribers enter orders to an inpatient, emergency or outpatient patient chart, they typically search for an order of interest and then select from the returned options. Order search results can be viewed in one of four "tabs", including "Browse", "Preference List", "Facility List" and "Database":
  • Preference List (usually the default) displays orders matching the search term as well as a preference list for the prescriber's specialty or department.
  • Browse can be selected to explore personal favourites previously flagged for frequent use by the prescriber.
  • Facility List can be selected to reveal orders (e.g., medications, laboratory tests, imaging) that are available for use at the current facility.
  • Database tab appears if the Facility List has been selected and reveals all orderables available throughout Connect Care (Alberta), even if those orders are not available in the current facility.
Prescribers should not use the "Database" tab for procedure (e.g., lab or imaging test) orders. This tab is used, for example, by laboratory staff when sorting out how to fulfill unusual requests. Some orders exposed through the Database tab may not be intended for prescribers or may not be actionable where the prescriber desires. The Database tab is appropriate for prescriber use when seeking medications that are not on the AHS formulary.