All User Bulletin - User Profile Error on Shared Workstation

All-user-bulletins highlight stumbling blocks that all prescribers need to be aware of when using the Connect Care clinical information system.

User Profile Error on Shared Workstation
For highly shared workstations, there is a possibility that device performance will degrade due to the volume of user profiles existing on the device, as all user information is stored locally (including information for those users who may not have used the workstation for a while). In some cases, this issue may also be coupled with the device’s hard drive being nearly full. 
In such a situation, a user may get an error message when trying to log on to the workstation, noting that the user’s profile cannot be loaded. If you get this error message, call IT Service Desk or log the incident ticket to mention the issue above (Unit Clerks can do this), ensuring the Service Desk is provided with the barcode and physical location of the affected device. IT will then clean up the user profiles and data on the workstation. 
IT has put in new controls to avoid user data build-up, and will confirm if these controls successfully fix the situation after Connect Care Launch 6.
For more information, see the FAQ: