When Will Prioritized Order Sets Be Ready?

Order sets help organize diverse actions pertinent to a clinical need. Admission order sets, for example, coordinate instructions for goals of care, vitals, fluids, nutrition, activity, investigations and treatments. 

Order sets can help providers align their choices with best available guidance while dramatically reducing the time taken to coordinate many related actions. Personalized order sets, configured with common choices already selected, speed workflows even more.

Connect Care Area Councils set priorities for order set development, with the majority of requests designed, built, validated and implemented at or immediately after the Wave 1 launch. Some gaps remain, with the following summary of current progress:
  • 453 order sets have been successfully deployed in support of Connect Care Waves 1 and 2.
  • Since Wave 1, 769 of 807 order set related enhancement requests have been fulfilled.
  • Approximately 130 of the Wave 1 prioritized order sets did not deploy in time for launch. The majority have since been built, 36 are in production but the remainder await validation, with delays incurred by all the work associated with pandemic urgencies. Additional resources have been allocated to overcome bottlenecks, with expectation that built order sets will be fully validated and released to production this summer.
  • Over 30 optimization order set projects (urgent need related to post-launch discoveries) have made it through design, build, validation and implementation.
  • All order set deliverables for Wave 3 have been met.
  • A number of new order sets are in the works for Wave 4, with build underway, validation scheduled for the late spring and launch to production expected in early summer.