COVID-19 and Connect Care - Variant of Concern Test Results

Starting March 18, 2021, COVID-19 positive samples will have variant of concern information reported to the ordering clinician following current result-routing (In Basket) protocols. The information will be available within Connect Care results displays, appearing as "COVID-19 Variant Nucleic Acid Test". Variant of concern testing is done on all positive COVID-19 samples.

Variant of concern results will be reported separately from routine COVID-19 test results (e.g., NAT nucleic acid tests, ID NOW test, antigen-based tests), to be interpreted as follows:
  • Negative - No variant of concern, but patient is still COVID-19 positive
  • Positive - A variant of concern is detected and the strain is specified
  • Unresolved - The viral load is too low to confirm variant testing
Both "Positive" and "Unresolved" results should be treated as positive when considering infection prevention and control precautions, cohorting and isolation.

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