Impact of System Changes on Personalizations

"Personalization" tools help Connect Care users to streamline workflows, increase efficiency and decrease information burdens. It is possible to save groups of orders (with all desired settings) as a personal panel, for example, and reduce a multi-step process to just a few clicks the next time it is needed. Personalization tools can also be used to record common documentation, billing and other tasks for quick recall. Full order sets can be saved with one's usual choices.

So, what happens if one of the pieces of a saved personalization is changed system-wide? A specific medication may be discontinued, new data might be required for a laboratory test requisition, and building blocks used in text automations (e.g., SmartPhrases) may be updated.

Most system updates do not affect personalizations that users may have saved. Others, such as changed medications or tests, could have a significant impact. We are working on a simple guide to help users anticipate impactful changes. We are also working on an online listing of all system changes that might affect personalizations.

In general, changes are made obvious to users. Where possible, users are alerted to the changed object with a hard stop when trying to use a personalization containing the object. The personalized preference list can then be updated to again use the prescriber's default answer, and the hard stop will be removed.