All User Bulletin - Consulting for Interventional Neuroradiology Procedures

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Consulting for Interventional Neuroradiology Procedures

A number of interventional neuroradiology procedures that were previously directly orderable by any prescriber are now ordered specifically by responsible radiologists. The appropriate ordering pathway is to request an interventional radiology referral or consultation. The diagnostic imaging team then confirms the best approach to address the clinical need while taking care of both orders and scheduling.  

Going forward, physicians seeking interventional neuroradiology exams should place a “Consult to Interventional Radiology” order for inpatients or an “Ambulatory Referral to Interventional Radiology” order for outpatients. This includes therapeutic stroke interventions and the following procedures:

  • IR Aneurysm Coiling 
  • IR Carotid Balloon Test Occlusion
  • IR Intracranial AVM Embolization
  • IR Head Neck Embolization
  • IR Spinal AVM Embolization
  • IR Intracranial Tumor Embolization
  • IR Spinal Tumor Embolization
  • IR Extracranial Stent Placement w Angioplasty
  • IR Intracranial Angioplasty
  • IR Intracranial Clot Retrieval
  • IR Epistaxis Embolization
  • IR Kyphoplasty One Level
  • IR Kyphoplasty Two or More Levels
  • IR Vertebroplasty
  • IR Vessel Occlusion Permanent
  • IR Nerve Root Ablation
The above orders are now treated as synonyms for IR Consult/Referral, which is the suggested order that will appear when searching.

As with all time-sensitive referrals and consultations, it is important to phone interventional radiology at the intended site to share details about the case, the clinical need and urgency considerations.