Connect Care Kudos

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Connect Care Kudos

Following the roll out of Wave 2 on October 23, there have been many messages of thanks to the teams. We’d like to share a few to recognize the teams and tremendous work that went into a successful implementation of Wave 2 Connect Care.
Thank You Wave 2 Users: To the new Wave 2 Connect Care users, ​we want to thank you for all that you have done for this successful rollout of Wave 2. As part of this launch, you and your colleagues helped us achieve a 4/5 rating from Epic on the Wave 2 implementation. Under normal conditions this would be an extremely great achievement, never mind doing it under the current circumstances. Keep up the good work. ~ ​The AHS Board
Kudos to UAH Dialysis: I was a super user for Wave 1, and I must congratulate all individuals on the dialysis unit at UAH that were involved with the implementation of Wave 2. Staff are functioning at a week three level; they are very confident in opening the chart of the outpatients on dialysis, they calmly navigate through the record when looking for patient information.
Lessons learned and recommendation from Wave 1 have been implemented. The patients were well aware of the changes that were occurring; it's obvious the changes were shared with them. Physicians were present to support the staff. The therapy plans are complete, it is evident the success is due to a lot of hard work from all staff involved. I have been very impressed with the calm atmosphere: a real collaborative atmosphere!
Congratulations and Thank You: A huge congratulations and thank you to all the staff who have worked so hard on preparing for the Wave 2 launch! The use of Connect Care will positively impact your clinical practice for years to come. The preparation efforts that you have all made while responding to the pandemic at the same time are so incredibly impressive. Thank you!

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